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Bruce H. Klenoff, MD, FACS, Jason R. Klenoff, MD, FACS, Biana G. Lanson, MD, FACS, Jacquelyn Brewer, MD, FACS and Paul Neubauer, MD FACS are otolaryngologists — ear, nose, and throat specialists who help diagnose and treat problems of the upper respiratory system in children and adults.

Our office is located at 32 Strawberry Hill Court, Suite 4, Stamford, CT 06902.

Telemedicine Virtual Appointments!

We are now pleased to offer telemedicine virtual visits for sick patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Moving forward, you will be screened by one of our doctors virtually and if needed, we will set up an appointment to see you in person and the telemedicine fee will be waived. You will be given a number of options for applications/devices you may use from home.

Telemedicine will allow us to discuss you or your child’s illness and give an interactive real time visual exam. This visit will be billed to your insurance provider. Our providers are allowed to submit these visits to insurance companies, however benefits and coverage vary by your individual plan.

Cost of the visit: You will billed a fee of $50 for all calls, reimbursable to you should the visit be covered by your insurance company.

You will see a waiver to be signed on our patient portal or you can read it on our website. When you sign in, please allow access to your microphone and camera so we can see and talk with you!

Telemedicine consent

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Common Ear Nose & Throat Procedures

Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery is one of the most common operations performed. Dr. Klenoff, Dr. Klenoff, Dr. Lanson, Dr. Brewer or Dr. Neubauer will review with you whether this procedure is the appropriate procedure to open possible sinus obstructions.

Colds, allergies, infections or other obstructions of the sinuses (i.e. deviated septum) can cause inflammation of the mucosa and block the drainage of the sinus cavities. If the sinuses become inflamed, sinusitis can occur. The mucus becomes thicker and cannot pass through the openings and ends up accumulating in the sinuses. Many symptoms can arise including fever, headaches, and pain over and underneath the eyes. Polyps form when mucosa becomes swollen by repeated infections. For more information about sinus surgery or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in Stamford, CT at Stamford Office Phone Number 203-353-0000.